Many games were played, little sleep was had at BGG.CON 2018. Here’s a daily recap of what we unboxed this year at BGG.CON.

Saturday – BGG.CON Day 4


Another fun co-op where all players roll a set of D6 dice with three colors on them. The goal is for all players to reach the village safely before the lava reaches them. Each tile that you attempt to move to has a couple conditions that will determine your total on the square. In order to succeed, the sum of the matching dice must beat the other players sitting next to you. We were 0-2, but it was a great game. The mechanic of the volcano reminded us of The Downfall of Pompeii.

The River

A polished worker placement that plays quickly with clean mechanics. Each player has their own board to which they are upgrading the spots as the snake through the river and try to match up land types. The first player to build 4 building cards or fill their player board triggers the end of the game. This would be a fantastic game for someone new to the hobby that is just getting into resource management games.

Gang Schon Clever

Similar to Qwixx, each player has their own dry erase game board that is trying to maximize points in 5 different categories. For four players, there were four rounds where each of us rolled a set of six different colored D6 dice. Any dice greater than the value of the die you selected would determine any dice that would be set aside. You would then use that die and cross off the appropriate space on your board. Each color had a different way to use the number. The white die was wild, and also used to sum the value used in the blue section. This game would be great with two players.

Paper Tales

This game was a little strange but was very quick. Over four rounds, the first thing you would do is draft a hand of five cards. Once you had your characters, you would set out a two by two grid that would determine your attack strength. You would compare your strength level with the players sitting next to you. All ties or treated strength would score you points. Next, you would build if you were able to, and then finally age all of your characters. Once your character aged twice, they died and you would then be able to choose another one.

Friday – BGG.CON Day 3


In this co-op, the players take the role of a museum curator (The Cats), or the artists (The Owls). The Cats request 2-7 paintings that meet a theme based on two random pictures. The artists then decide how many each of them will contribute without showing their cards. The criminal Belratti then adds four of his “forgeries”. All the paintings get shuffled and the Cats have to determine which paintings are the authentic ones and which them they belong to. Think a much lighter Mysterium meets Dixit.

Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition

A very cool game where you create your own network of highways and railroads based on the dice rolled. There are 12 exits and the goal is to create as long of a path with no unfinished work (open ends). Can’t wait to pick this up!

Thursday – BGG.CON Day 2


Playing on a fancy tabletop for a new release called X-Code. A co-op, fast ordering card game for 2-8. Luckily, we were in a smaller room as we were quite loud. This game could be described as “Pit” meets “Fuse.”


A fantastic rummy-esque card game with beautiful artwork. It takes about 4 minutes to learn, and 40 minutes to finish with four players. A copy of this gem has been added to the PPG Vault.


A super fun and light dexterity-dropping game. At first glance, it looks like plinko, but you have to watch out. You only score if you aren’t touching the same color, shape or defined zones on the sides and bottom.

Wednesday – BGG.CON Day 1


A very complex worker placement game that was new to all of us. This game had much buzz last year and so reserving it at the library was a good decision. The game took the better part of our afternoon, but it was a very memorable first play at the con.

Nocca x Nocca

The game is an amazing little abstract containing 5 black and 5 white dice. The board is simply a 5×8 grid. Purchased in Japan, we have already logged 13 plays. It takes 5-10 minutes per game, but the moves demand much attention and cleverness.

Tales of the Northlands

A delightful worker placement, resource management game based on an old British cartoon called Noggin the Nog.

Tuesday – BGG.CON Day 0

Betrayal Legacy

After a very early flight to DFW, a few of us decided to try out the new legacy game – aptly named: “Betrayal Legacy” – based on the classic Betrayal At House on the Hill.” You never know who will become the Betrayer. Our lofty goal is to finish all 12 chapters (one Prologue)…we will try our best.