Curious as to who’s behind Pikes Peak Gamers and PPG CON? We’re a small team of 4 organizers plus our much-loved volunteers. Hope to see you at PPG CON and around Colorado Springs!  👋


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How Pikes Peak Gamers Came to Be

One of Jose’s very favorite hobbies is board gaming.  From a young age, he fell in love with American classics like Risk, Clue, and Life.  Two-person games such as chess, Stratego, and Battleship; Card games like spades, rummy, and Tripoli…and yes even Monopoly was played a time or two.  Whether it was elementary, middle, or high school, he was always poised to play a game with my family or friends.  Through college, board gaming continued with many late nights of Trivial Pursuit and low stakes poker. 

In 2007, a friend at work asked if he and his wife, Jenny, have ever heard of Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne or Killer Bunnies. These games were unknown to him at the time.  From this time forward, his life was changed forever.  

In late 2007, after playing many new games, he searched for board game clubs in Colorado Springs.  He found one on YahooGroups.  One evening, he told Jenny about the group and that he would like to attend one of their game nights. She wasn’t sure about going to the house of a person he found on the internet to play games, but he talked her into it.  We had a fantastic time!  

For the next ten years, they played weekly with people who quickly became dear friends.  He would be remiss if he did not mention my other discovery around this time of This website has also literally changed their lives forever.  They began going to BoardGameGeek’s annual board game convention (BGG.CON) in Texas that hosts thousands of gamers for five days straight.   

Having moved to Manitou Springs in June 2017, along with amassing a collection of over 700 800 board games, he has decided that now is the perfect time to share his passion. He and the rest of the PPG crew cordially invite you to the annual Pikes Peak Gamers Convention in downtown Manitou Springs.