What is Hoity Toity?

In true Manitou Springs spirit, PPG is excited to bring back our board game themed, art exhibit, contest, and silent auction. Whew! That’s a lot of words! Which is why we are just calling it the Hoity Toity! Participation is completely optional, but fun is mandatory.

2019 Hoity Toity Submissions

Who may participate?

All entries will be on display on Saturday. Voting and silent auction will open at 5 PM and close at 8 PM.  Winners will be announced at 9 PM.

When will Hoity Toity take place?

All entries will be on display on Saturday. Voting and silent auction will open at 5 PM and close at 8 PM. Winners will be announced at 9 PM.

What type of art?

Any type of art is acceptable but it must be board game related. Pictures, drawings, sculptures, etc. If you can make it, you can enter it! Each attendee may submit one, original work of art. All submissions must be named as well. Be creative!

How does the contest & silent auction work?

All Saturday attendees will be able to vote for their choices for first, second and third place. All winners will receive a REAL prize (and not just a “Classy But Sassy” certificate). More details about the prizes will be announced closer to the convention.

All proceeds from the silent auction for all artwork will be donated to Concrete Couch – a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the Pikes Peak Region.

Will my artwork be returned to me?

No, unless there are no bids on your entry, or if you decide to place the winning bid on your own piece of art, because it is THAT awesome!

I suck at art, why would I want to submit an entry?

Most of us can relate at being less-than skilled in the arts department. This is where you can GET CREATIVE! Go to a thrift store, buy all the Monopoly copies and do what you have always wanted to do…cut, glue, or burn the bits into your own masterpiece. Don’t forget to BE PUNNY with your names.

In summary…

Pikes Peak Gamers wants this to be an opportunity for everyone with any skill level to do something more than just play our beloved board games. The primary goal is to laugh, share, and take time to “be a kid again”. Break out those crayons, glue guns, markers, and shoe boxes! Best of all, all proceeds go to a great cause (and you might even pick up a future Monet)