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Smiley’s BGG.CON 2018 Board Game Reviews

Smiley’s reviews are in for other games he played played during BGG.CON 2018. Want to re-live BGG.CON day-by-day? Read our full game recap and watch our live videos. Die Macher Before the convention, I signed up for this classic gaming monster. It’s a game about the German election, it’s complicated and epic. The game takes…

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New Finds: Essen and BGG.CON Preview
New Finds: Essen and BGG.CON 2018 Preview

The biggest trade show in the board game industry takes place in Essen, Germany, at the end of October every year. Every year, just before Thanksgiving, the good people that are loosely affiliated with the board gaming website boardgamegeek.com put on a convention, BGG.CON, that inspired our own PPG CON. One of the cool things…

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